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Blogging: Expectations vs. Reality

Many people have gone into blogging with different expectations which at the end of the day may seldom be realized. This is because our expectations dot not always become reality.
It is natural for every human being to have high expectation for his or herself but the reality of life is that ‘you don't always get what you want’. The same applies to blogging but also remember that nothing is impossible.
Blogging: Expectations vs.

Enough pep talk, lets look at what blogging expectations is.

Blogging Expectations

Blogging Expectations are those things you have strong belief that will happen when you start a blog. Those expectations vary from person to person and from one blogging niche to the other but I will try to cover some in this post.

              Blogging Expectations vs. Reality

  1. Be able to monetize your blog in a month.
It may take up to 2 years before you can start earning from your blog
  1. Getting at least 5,000 page views in a day after a month of blogging.
Depending on your niche and how the concentration you give to your blog, this may not be possible.
  1. Getting famous fast.
You probably will, not just in the time frame you anticipated.
  1. Living solely on blogging income
It takes a lot of work to make as little as $100 in a month

It is entirely possible for the above mentioned expectations to be gotten but truthfully you may not get at the time you want.
Many people make a living from blogging alone but if you ask how long they took to get there, you will most likely not get ‘six months’ as the answer.
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Some advice

  • keep posting great content
  • Choose a blogging niche you are most familiar with.
  • post consistently
  • make sure you add value
  • don't expect to start making money from your blog in the first year.
  • Don't give up when you are not getting the number of page views you expect, they will surely increase.
  • Read other blogs and books and interact with other bloggers.

The Deception

Many people post things online about how they started earning from blogging from day one and we tend to believe because of maybe the pictures of houses, cars etc that they post online. While this is rarely true, we should understand that the most common ways of blog monetization such as Google Adsense require a blogger to be post for a number of months, have a particular number of visits per day, etc before they can qualify for monetization. All of those cannot be acquired in one day or even a month as the case may be.
Though it is common to expect high profit or benefit from the little work we put in, we should always put in mind that things may not go according to our plans or expectations. This is why I say don't quit that job yet because someone wrote somewhere that they started earning big from blogging immediately they started it.


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