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Backlinks 101: A free Course

Backlinks have been in the center of blogging and general websites since the inception of the internet as they are essential for internet users to get what they are searching for online.
Without backlinks, getting information online will be hard as search engines use them to get the best information possible to a searched term and display them to the searcher.

Let me explain……
If you have a lot of Backlinks to your website about a particular search term, the chances of your page appearing on the first page of of google are a lot higher than others.
In the past, backlinks were almost the only thing search engines considered when ranking a web page or site. This is not the case now but it is still a crucial ingredient in website and web page ranking that CANNOT be taken out.

What is a backlink on a website?

A backlink is the ‘juice’ a website leaves when it connects to another website (external backlink) or another page on the same website (internal backlink).
For example, I have a post titled Places to share your blog posts-Easy’ and free on this website and if you click on the title, it will direct you to that page. This linking is a backlink and it is an internal backlink because it does not redirect to another website.
Both type of backlink are important for search ranking and exposure of your website or blog.
Backlinks can be through text as seen in the example above or through images, etc.

Why are backlinks important for website/web page ranking?

The answer to this is quite simple, it ts because it is believed that a website or webpage
 that has a substantial amount of backlinks has high quality content, hence, many people deem it link worthy.
No website or blog wants to link to another whose content is not of high value. Linking to sites with low domain authority and content can negatively affect the ranking of your website or blog by search engines.
Getting quality backlinks may be complicated as there are demerits involved. This is why I advice you understand link building before you go into it.


This is a short course on backlinks but it should be adhered to to get better results. Additional information will of course not hurt but I try to simplify big courses or topics in short post and still cover the cover their crucial aspects. 

When Backlinks and SEO are interwoven, the result result is a page or website that ranks high in search engines.


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