How to Enable (Google) Word Verification in Blogger

  A Little about Google Word Verification

Google word verification or Captcha as it is popularly called is a security check you get when trying to comment on a website/blog, make payment online, download an item etc. 

Google word verification

The most common use of this feature is to verify if a particular request such as the aforementioned is been made by a human or a robot since it is believed that robots cannot pass a Captcha test.

This can be in form of simple addition or subtraction where a user is required to type in the answer, a set of pictures where you are supposed to identify and click on the ones that has the same feature such as store front, street lights, etc and much more.

Now, let us discuss some of the common advantages and disadvantages of google word verification or Captcha.

Advantages of (Google) Word Verification

  • In blog commenting, it reduces (if not completely eliminate) the number of spam comments you get.
  • When utilized, sensitive information is supplied only to a human being.
  • Traffic coming from malicious IP address(es) (such as hackers) are not allowed to reach your website.

There are numerous other advantages not discussed here but the ones mentioned above are the most common.

Disadvantages of (Google) Word Verification

  • It may make commenting impossible especially on slow network connections: The goal of blog or website owner is to get as many daily views as possible and be able to interact with the readers. On slow connections, (google) word verification may not load the image but indicate you must pass the verification which could make commenting impossible.
  • Google word verification may even fend off potential website/blog viewers: Some website have their verification before you can access a website. If a viewer fails this verification, they are not permitted to access that particular website thus fending off the viewer or viewers as the case may be.
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How to Enable Google Word Verification in Blogger


Other blog hosting platforms such as WordPress have plugging for word verification or Captcha but in Blogger, it is located in the settings.
  1. Log into your blogger account using your email and password and select the blog you want to edit.
  2. Go down on the left side panel on your screen and click on “settings”.
  3. Under settings, click on “posts, comments and sharing”.
  4. Locate “Show word verification” and select “Yes” from the drop down menu in front of it.
  5. Click on “Save settings” on the top-right corner of the page.
  6. And you're done…..

    A quick summary in one picture.

    Google word verification


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