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After Publishing a Blog Post, What Next?

Have you ever written a magnificent post and not gotten many views on it and wondered what other bloggers are doing to get thousands of views almost immediately after publishing their blog posts which are not close to what you have?
After Publishing a Blog Post, What

Aspiring bloggers often wonder what to do after writing and publishing a blog post. This situation is sometimes a headache to even bloggers who have been in the system for some time and have not adequately planned for it.
Writing and Publishing a blog post only is not enough to reach your required audience and get the attention you desire. You may have written a post that have all it takes to make waves on the internet but it may end up not getting up to one thousand views in a whole year (it happened to me).

Now what can you do to avoid this situation?

To summarize the answer in just one word, SHARE. This is an open secrete that many bloggers ignore.
You must share your post on different platforms to make sure that it reaches the maximum amount of people possible. This in turn will increase the number of viewers your blog have and fetch you more income in case you are using blog monetization.
Sharing your posts is the best thing you can do to get views and there are many places you can share your blog posts free of any charge and get the audience you are looking for. 

One more Secret……

You can never share your posts enough. There is no such thing as oversharing when it comes to blogging. No matter how many times you share your posts, it will not be more than the posts deserves. It will always deserve one more post.

Why Should you Share Yours Blog Posts?

  1. Not everybody will find your blog post just searching google, you have to bring it closer to them.
  2. Some of your friends may re-share your posts to the friends you dont have in common.
  3. It is just the best way to get many people to see your content.

It is important to note that, you have to understand Search EngineOptimization in order to write posts that search engines such as google, bing, etc can find even before you start sharing them. This is a big Plus to your blog.
In contrast, write posts that add value and are search engine optimized, post them and share away.


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