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Places to share your blog posts- Easy and free

Blog posts sharing is a top way of getting rich traffic to your blog all day long long and the kicker is, it is entirely free. You can agree with me that writing a blog post is not enough, the disappointment comes when a well written post gets little or no views.

How to Enable (Google) Word Verification in Blogger

  A Little about Google Word Verification Google word verification or Captcha as it is popularly called is a security check you get when trying to comment on a website/blog, make payment online, download an item etc.  The most common use of this feature is to verify if a particular request such as the aforementioned is been made by a human or a robot since it is believed that robots cannot pass a Captcha test. This can be in form of simple addition or subtraction where a user is required to type in the answer, a set of pictures where you are supposed to identify and click on the ones that has the same feature such as store front, street lights, etc and much more. Now, let us discuss some of the common advantages and disadvantages of google word verification or Captcha. Advantages of (Google) Word Verification In blog commenting, it reduces (if not completely eliminate) the number of spam comments you get. When utilized, sensitive inf

After Publishing a Blog Post, What Next?

Have you ever written a magnificent post and not gotten many views on it and wondered what other bloggers are doing to get thousands of views almost immediately after publishing their blog posts which are not close to what you have?