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How to backup a Blogger Blog

Backing up a Google Blog (BlogSpot). Before we look at the importance of backing up data, let us know what blogger is. What is blogger? Blogger is a free platform created by the most valuable company Google which allow you to write and upload articles called “blog post”. These posts can be kept private or be made public for everyone to view or read. Those blogs can range from news, how-to do things (such as cooking, swimming, etc), business, and much more. Importance of backing up blogger data Backing up data on your blog is very important.   Although it is highly unlikely for Google’s servers to crash and all your data gone, it is a good habit to backup every time you want to make a change on the theme, layout, etc or after you have made the change. You can even do this on your blog after you might have uploaded a new post. This is because you don’t want to mess up the appearance of your blog or mistakenly delete posts and other thing just to discover you can’t get