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YouTube marketing

 What is YouTube Marketing?

   The internet has made the world a global village and business men/women have taken advantage of that.
YouTube marketing is the process of advertising products and service using google’s free platform YouTube.
YouTube itself is a video streaming platform put in place by internet giants google where  people make videos on their personal lives, instructables on how to make things, how to repairs things, etc and upload to YouTube free of any charge.

youtube marketing, how to advertise on youtube for free.

              How to advertise on YouTube (for free)

It is possible to advertise your products on YouTube without paying a dime to anybody including Google as they don’t care what the content of your videos is. The few things Google don’t like is copying someone’s work without giving credit to the original owner (copyright issues), uploading videos that add no value, etc.
With that said, let us take a look at how you can advertise on YouTube for free.

Steps on advertising on YouTube:

            1.   Make a video of your product
             2.     Create a YouTube Channel
             3.     Upload your video(s)
              4.     Promote the video(s) 

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 Making a video of your product

Making videos is very simple, you can use a Smartphone to make a video on how your product works, how to use it and the benefits of using your product compared to thousands of similar products which may be out there or you can make a slide presentation of the product on your computer explaining the same and use a screen capturing software to record the presentation.
Tip: Make the video as short as possible (probably 10 minutes and under) but make sure it covers most if not all of the functions of your product. This is because many people get loose interest in the videos if they see that the length is too much.

Creating a YouTube Channel

To do this you must have a Google mail account (gmail account). Go to to create one if you don’t have already.
After that is done, go to and click on create a channel, fill in the required information and you are done.

Uploading your video(s)

Navigate to my videos in the created channel and upload the videos you made. This only takes a couple of second (depending on your internet speed).
Important: make sure you include your contact detail such as Email, phone number website (if any) etc on every video you make to help potential customers contact you easily.

Promoting the video(s)

 You can do that by posting the link of your video(s) on social media platforms such as Twitter, facecook, etc.
You can also promote your videos by word of mouth by telling friends and family members about it. If people like what they see, they are likely to contact you to order the product or hire your services. You can even make money advertising products on YouTube.
YouTube interface is pretty easy to use and even a novice can navigate it easily without problems.
Now you see how easy it is to do what I call YouTube marketing. Go ahead and give it a try, after all, it is free.


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