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How to Make Money Advertising on YouTube

Make money advertising other products on YouTube As the biggest free video sharing platform in the world, YouTube is the best platform to share your videos and get your desired viewers. Although there are still numerous video streaming platforms out there such as vimeo, metacafe, hulu, screen junckies , and many more to mention but a few, to me, YouTube stands out.

YouTube marketing

 What is YouTube Marketing?    The internet has made the world a global village and business men/women have taken advantage of that. YouTube marketing is the process of advertising products and service using google’s free platform YouTube. YouTube itself is a video streaming platform put in place by internet giants google where   people make videos on their personal lives, instructables on how to make things, how to repairs things, etc and upload to YouTube free of any charge.                How to advertise on YouTube (for free) It is possible to advertise your products on YouTube without paying a dime to anybody including Google as they don’t care what the content of your videos is. The few things Google don’t like is copying someone’s work without giving credit to the original owner (copyright issues), uploading videos that add no value, etc. With that said, let us take a look at how you can advertise on YouTube for free. Steps on advertising on YouTube: