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Blog Marketing

 Blog marketing Benefits for all.

Before we can truly understand what the term Blog Marketing is, let us split the phrase into two thus;
 Blog: a blog is like a journal or basically a discussion or information website in which a person (known as a blogger) or group write articles (posts in blogging register) and publish to the website (blog) for either the general public, a targeted audience or just themselves (known as private blogs).

Marketing: this is simply the process of advertising your products, services, or anything you feel deserves publicity for the goal of getting customers or users to increase your sales, etc.
That been said let us look at the elephant in the house ‘Blog Marketing’.

what is blog marketing? importance or benefits of blog marketing

What is Blog Marketing?

It is the process by which products, services, etc are been advertised on the internet using blog. This can be done through paid product review, affiliate marketing, placing Ad Banners, etc.

Who should use Blog Marketing?

This method of marketing is suitable for everyone who is willing to expand their businesses or take their offline businesses online or even people who want to start new businesses.
Since blogging has blogging was born in the Late 1990s, it has become a medium for many advertisers to gain their expected or desired audience.

 This is largely because of how easy it is to start a blog and the ease in managing it provided you choose the right niche for your blog.
Many Businesses nowadays also have a blog of their own which is managed by their full time employee or someone they employ on contract basis.

Why should I use Blog Marketing?

There are numerous reasons or Benefits of Blog Marketing but I will analyze just a few.
  1.   It is cheaper compared to other forms of OnlineMarketing.
  2. It has the capacity to reach a large audience in a short period of time.
  3. It is easy to use. Just tell the blogger what you want and it is done. 
  4. Little or no technical abilities needed (for small scale businesses, the blogger may take care of all the technical aspects).  
  5.  Increased sales. 
  6.  In cases of paid reviews, you get to know what your customers think about your products.

Benefits of Blog Marketing to a Blogger

  1.   Increases your income. 
  2. It may increase organic traffic to your website. 
  3.    Increases your blog popularity.
  4.   You get to know newer products and their performances. 
  5.   High tendency of getting more advertisers. 
  6.   Special discounts on products (depends solely on the advertiser).
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Increases Your Income

Of course your advertiser will have to pay you for placing ads on your blog. This can be when their link on your website is clicked i.e. Pay Per Click, when a customer sees their adverts on your page i.e. Pay Per Mile (usually after 1000 impressions), when someone coming from your blog purchases a product, or a combination of both. All of which are good forms of blogmonetization.

It may increase organic traffic to your website

When you start affiliate marketing a product which is normally through affiliate marketing or paid review, you get to write about that product and company on your website.
This means the company’s name will become part of your blog’s keywords and your website has a high tendency of appearing in searches done in search engine portending that company or product.  If it is clicked from the search results, you get organic traffic to your blog.

Increases your blog popularity

This is as simple as it sounds. Your blog coming up in many searches prompts the need to look at the person behind the blog. Since blogs can be accessed globally, your name has a high chance of been known globally.

You get to know new(er) products and their performances

Companies want their most recent products to gain popularity so they can get sales from them. If you are writing a review about them, it is of paramount importance you know what it is all about (its features).

High tendency of getting more advertisers

When a competitor or other advertisers hear about how well someone’s product is performing because that person did or is doing business with you, you can bet they will want to gain that popularity for their products.
This directly means you have another advertiser to do business with which may double your tendency to have all the above mentioned benefits X2.

Special discounts on products (depends solely on the advertiser).

Organizations or companies want to keep good relationships they build and fix broken ones. 

This is a way they use to get and keep customers which increases their chances of making more money (the sole purpose of starting a business anyways).
Because of the above mentioned reason, most advertisers offer special discounts to some of their dedicated customers (in this case, advertiser).
This is not a law or a necessity and bloggers should not expect this from their advertisers as it is solely at their discretion to do so. 

If they decide to do so, fine. If they don’t, it is not your right therefore, don’t make a case out of it.

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Worth Knowing
Since blogging has become a global phenomenon and has a lot of benefits, a large number of marketers has keyed into it to promote their products.
Big companies like Amazon, Google and others have put in place an affiliate program which allows bloggers to place their (Amazon’s) banners, links and other forms of ads on their respective blogs and for the purpose of getting potential customers to their website. this is called affiliate marketing.
The formal been a online mall has products they sell and the later, a tech giant which has a lot of credit in the running of the World Wide Web itself.
 They in turn, appreciate and show gratitude by paying the blogger a percentage of every purchase that is referred to their website from the respective blogs. 
 In the case of Google, Marketers give them adverts, pay and trust them to get it across the web. 

They in turn give interested bloggers and website owners part of that money and serve those adverts on their blogs and websites.
It is a good platform for both bloggers and marketers alike. All parties should key into it.


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