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Understanding Link Building

Link building If you have a website or blog, you will want to rank high in search engines (google, bing, etc) i.e you want your blog or website to show up in at least the first page when someone conducts a search on particular keywords or key phrase(s).  This has about 90% dependence on the links you build. This means that you have about 90% more chance to be in top 10 search results on search engines. What is Link Building? Simply put, link building is the process of getting or securing a link from another website which points to your website or blog. Those links are called backlinks . This link can point to your homepage or to a particular blog post or article. Links to a post or article are never too much. In fact, the higher the links to a post or site, the higher the chances of that post particular post or site to rank high in search results. Link building is important for backlinks and SEO . Importance of link building Increase your search ran

Blog Marketing

  Blog marketing Benefits for all. Before we can truly understand what the term Blog Marketing is, let us split the phrase into two thus;   Blog: a blog is like a journal or basically a discussion or information website in which a person (known as a blogger) or group write articles (posts in blogging register) and publish to the website (blog) for either the general public, a targeted audience or just themselves (known as private blogs). Marketing : this is simply the process of advertising your products, services, or anything you feel deserves publicity for the goal of getting customers or users to increase your sales, etc. That been said let us look at the elephant in the house ‘Blog Marketing’.