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Take Your Offline Business Online

The internet has been a tool for online marketing for a long time and any business men/women or group should take advantage of it.
In this 21st century, carrying out business online is simplified through the advent of numerous channels than can be used to buy and sell goods and render services online.

Take your offline business online

Before I dive into this topic deeply, let us consider the advantages of putting your business online.

Advantages of Taking My Business Online

1.    Reach International borders
It is hard to imagine any country right now that has no internet connectivity. Though there are villages in some countries which may not have connectivity, they do not have much of an impact on your business.
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Because the internet is available almost everywhere, you get to take your local business to International level. This can make your business have an increased customer base.
This is why the importance of Internet Marketing in modern day businesses cannot be overemphasized.
2.    Reach more people:
Even in your country, this method of doing business can significantly increase your list of customers by at least 70% provided you use the right channels.

3.    It is convenient for your customers.
With internet, it is easy for customers to just type in the product they want to buy from you either in your website or their favorite site engine and they will have a well-organized list to choose from.

4.    You are always open for business
Even when you are on your bed sleeping or relaxing in a park your business is still running. It might even be a day with bad weather conditions or a holiday in town that other local stores or businesses cannot open, your online business is open 24/7 all the days of the year and always ready to make money (well, that’s the reason for starting it anyways).

5.    Easy Payment Methods for Customers
Payment for goods on this platform is usually done online. This is very easy to do and your customers will love this. Nobody wants to be carrying too much cash on them.

6.    Reduced Security Risk
Payments made online are directly credited to your account which could take as little as some seconds. This means that you do not always have to be in possession of plenty cash which can attract a lot of unwanted attention.

7.    Rise in sales
By taking a business online, it has a better chance of having more sales online with a higher profit margin. You can redistribute money to make the consumer shopping experience faster and more efficient. While being available to international markets, more products will sell.

8.    Time Saving for your Customers
Your customers will be saved the hustle of driving miles or taking a taxi to get to your store only to pick a couple of things and go back. I cannot use $5 fuel to get to a store which will charge me only $2.99 as delivery or shipping fee.
Your customers can always order what they want online through your website, pay for it and all you have to do is deliver it to them. They won’t mind paying a few extra bucks to save their time and money (shipping fee).

9.    You’ll Make More Money
As explained in the points above, we can see that adopting this way of marketing brings more customers which can directly be translated into making more sales and making more money.

10.    You will Become an Employer
You could probably run an offline store without assistance but to be effective when it comes to online marketing, you’ll need help.
Employing people to help deliver goods in different places at a time and maybe design your website for you will be making you an employer of labor and you will be helping a lot of people in the process.

Disadvantages of Taking Businesses Online

We should know that there are disadvantages to almost all (if not all) things that we engage in no matter how good or pure we take it to be. In this regard, let us look at some disadvantages that are involved in the online way of doing business.

1.    Security Issues
Security is the biggest issue when it comes to surfing the internet. Though you may try to keep your business and customers’ safe, there are many people out there that will want to hack their way into the information you have on your website.

2.    Meager Internet Service
As odd as it may sound to developed countries, most countries suffer from exploitation by their internet service providers where they pay for a package and they don’t get the value for their money.
These problems range from slow connections, not getting the promised data allocation to exhausting the data in a flash even if you are only browsing web pages and not downloading.  

3.    Extra Expense
In order to make sure an online business is running correctly, you will have to invest a bit extra money in it. As an owner, you need to know transactions are being handled properly and products are represented in the most truthful way.
To make sure you get what you need, you will have to hire a professional to tie up any loose ends. 
What I can guarantee is you will make your money back in the shortest possible time. To reduce the cost of going online with your business, you may decide to start the transformation with a free website.

4.    Constant Upgrade
Before going into online marketing, you must be ready to make changes to stay relevant and compatible. While technology grows, the systems that support your business must be kept up to date or replaced if needed.
While those upgrades are usually done once in maybe a while depending on the frequency of new technology, it is important to keep in mind that there may be additional overhead in order to keep databases and applications running effectively.

In Conclusion, it is important to know the merits and disadvantages of anything you are going into but do not let the demerits stop you from achieving a set goal. To any demerit, there must be a way to avoid it or reduce its negative effects.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a website for your business and start making some cash. you can even get a website for free for a start.
Always remember that most businesses that have gone online have made it big. Try not to be an exception. Moreover, any business man / woman who do not take risks will not make it far.


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