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5 Proven ways to Monetize your Blog

Monetizing your blog   Making money from your blog in this modern age has been made easy with because of some factors such as internet marketing .   I think it is safe to say that blog monetization came about directly as a result of the desire of online marketers to advertise their goods and services on the internet.

Affiliate marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing? One of the best ways of monetizing your blog or website today that is yielding positive results is affiliate marketing. It is one of the most effective tools or channels used in internet marketing and it is a great money making opportunity for both the merchant (a buyer and seller of commodities for profit) and the blog or website owner.

Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks  In a world of blogging where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the president, Backlink is the chief of staff.  Many upcoming bloggers or website owners have a hard time understanding what the term “backlink” really mean.


It is one thing implementing SEO on your site and it is entirely a different thing using it well. Many site owners, bloggers and publishers are greatly concerned about optimizing their sites that they end up not optimizing it at all (Confusing right?... ), I will explain in the article.

Take Your Offline Business Online

The internet has been a tool for online marketing for a long time and any business men/women or group should take advantage of it. In this 21 st century, carrying out business online is simplified through the advent of numerous channels than can be used to buy and sell goods and render services online.