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   Keeping Your Blog Readers

 It is important that people who visit your blog/website come back to it from time to time which can range from as much as weekly to many times in a single day. (I will prefer the later). This can help you gain the traffic you want and the popularity you want your blog to get.

how to keep blog readers by

Since the more people visit your blog/website, the more likely it is that the information you want to pass across using your blog/website gets to many people and the more your income will increase if you are into affiliate or other forms of blog monetization, this article is paramount to achieving that feat.

All that been said, there are a couple of things that are required on your part to make that happen.


 Your post content should conform to the post title
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep your posts as short as possible
  •   Research
  • ALWAYS reply to your visitor’s questions
  • Write posts on-demand
  • Be professional

1.     Your post content should conform to the post title: Many bloggers make this mistake. After doing their research on the keywords that a blog should contain to make it Search Engine Friendly which is equally important, they use those words on their post title but the content does not really explain the title rather, they find something else that will make the post long.

2.     Keep it simple: Having it in mind that the people that may be using your blog are not all professionals in your blog niche is very important. You don’t expect a novice in computer programming to understand your blog when you keep using big technical words without explaining them. (They give me headaches…) they’ll probably look for somewhere they can get something they can understand. 

3.     Keep your posts as short as possible: I don’t know about you but any time I Google a particular thing and choose a suitable suggestion, I expect to get the solution to my problems or anxiety in the shortest time possible. Bottom line, your readers should be able to get their answers fast after visiting your blog/website.

4.     Research: when you want to write on a particular topic, a little research will go a long way in making your post more informative. Readers will definitely come back when they know that they can get the information they need from you blog/website.

5.     ALWAYS reply to your visitor’s questions:  The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized. When a visitor asks a question after a post, they need their questions to be attended to and not left like that. Readers and author interaction is very important.

6.     Write posts on-demand: when you discover that your users are having a particular problem, write a post on it. This will go a long way in telling your readers that you are not all about making money from your blog/website but to help solve their problems. (even if you are just of little help)

7.     Be professional: Even when you receive comments about a post that you think is offensive, attend to it with a cool head. Don’t start a war-of-words with your readers, instead, try to understand why the comment was like that. Some people may mean well and it may be their honest way of presenting what is on their minds. 

 You can check out:

A Little Advice
NEVER be discouraged if you get negative comments on your posts or never get any comments at all. Take the negativity and convert it into mind-blowing posts.

Getting Blog/Website readers in the first place is not easy. You have to go through many advertising and publicizing processes to get them. Therefore, learning how to keep them coming back is of paramount importance.

I hope this article is useful to you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below and you will be attended to if you have any questions. You can also subscribe to get the latest posts from us sent to your e-mail. Thank you.


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