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The idea of blogging for students is one every student should really consider as it present many benefits. Blogging has evolved in recent times and it is now easier than ever to get into it.

Starting and maintaining a blog is not that time consuming and it will not interfere with your studies but rather help you in different ways. I started this blog as a student and I can testify that it really helped me in many ways.

why every student should conseder blogging


I did a little survey and the answers I got from students in my school really made me to write this post. I will try to address the worries below.
1.     I don’t think I have the technical skills to start and manage a blog: This is the answer I got the most from my survey. It is common for people to fear what they don’t fully know or understand but I have to tell you that fear will not solve the problem.
 There are over 500,000+ free blog templates on the internet that you can use on any blogging platform that you may choose. If you choose to use Google’s Blogger platform, there are many ready-made templates that you can access right your dashboard.
If you are using another platform, know that almost all web hosting companies now offer you a chance to create a website/blog after you have paid for hosting. They usually have a wizard that will help you create one. All you need to do is answer some questions and you’ll see your blog I less than an hour.
Note: You can always get free templates online and just change the information already contained in it to what you want.
2.     I don’t think blogging is related to my course of study: Don’t be surprised that no matter the course you are studying, blogging can be of tremendous benefit to you.
For example, if you are studying engineering, you may have a blog in which you can share ideas with your course mates, teachers/lecturers and even other graduates or professionals in that field by posting questions and getting replies. Doing this will help both you the blogger and other people to learn something new or develop their existing knowledge.
Moreover, there are many people who are working jobs that are not related to what they studied in school and they are very good at it. You may not necessarily get the job you want after school but the skills you get while blogging of even blogging itself will be a source of income to you.

Studies take too much of my time: Blogging is not time consuming as many people may think. If you have a blog, you can create a schedule of when you will be writing and posting new blog posts. E.g you can be posting one, two or three posts per week depending on your schedule. You can also choose to work on a single post for several days taking just little time for it every day.
4.     I don’t have the money to start it: You don’t need money to start a blog. There are many ways you can start a blog for free by getting a free website/blog.
5.     I don’t know what to blog about: Everybody has a hubby. You can decide to blog about yours. There are also different blogging niches or blogging topics that you can use such as working out, fashion, football, gaming, online marketing, website design, etc.
This guild will help you to decide what to blog about.
Just know that no matter what blogging niche you choose, there are millions of people who will be interested in it. Even if you are the first person to blog about that topic, you’ll get an audience (we all like to see something new).
6.     I am not a good writer: You don’t need to be an excellent writer to start blogging. Blogging itself is a learning process to become a better writer. The articles you start writing at first may be hard but be assured that you will get better with time. I could barely write a 300 word article when I started but by reading this article, you can see for yourself that I have improved.
 Once you keep writing from time to time, it will become easy for you to compelling articles. They don’t have to be too long.
7.     What is a blog? : Oh yes, I got that question. I tried to explain the best I could to the fraction of the people I got the question from.

 According to Wikipedia “A blog (a truncation of the expression "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page”
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  • ·        You get to help people learn

  • ·        You will learn new things

  • ·        Improved writing skills

  • ·        Gain popularity

  • ·        Develop or improve self confidence

  • ·        It will help your resume ( many employers look for established writers)

  • ·        Improve marketing skills

  • ·        Make new friends 
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Blogging can do a lot a good in the life of a student. As you can see from the reasons above, it won’t hurt to get a blog rather, it will add a lot of value to the life of a student. Always know that it is not wrong to try new things. Always explore new ideas so you can learn new things and hopefully teach other people in future.



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