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How to Decide What to Blog About

What do I Blog About?

This is the very first question all intending bloggers should ask themselves before even deciding what their blogging or website address will be.
 Choosing what to blog about can in most cases is a pain for most people but it can also be easy. This article will go a long way in making that choice easier.

What do I blog About? Choosing a blogging Niche
What do I blog about?

A blog is a suitable choice for expressing your choice for a hubby, information sharing, documenting your life, advertising products and services, etc.
The key to choosing a topic to blog about I can say is choosing what you have passion for and love doing. If you have passion for something, don’t be afraid to start blogging about it even if you don’t have all the information about the topic at that time. You will get better with time.


Deciding what to blog about (Blog topic or niche)

 If you want to blog for yourself without adding an existing or new business to the blog, pick a topic of your choice! If you are starting the blog for a business or organization, your blog should be related to the product(s) or service(s) you provide, or the cause you promote.       
1.     Pick a topic you have passion for. As mentioned in the introduction, picking a topic you have passion for is the primary key to having a good blog. The readers of your blog will know if you don’t like the topic you are blogging about and that could cost you subscribers and traffic loss. No passion for a blog leads to scrappy blog posts.                                          
2.     Pick a topic you can never be bored talking about.  Picking a topic you can talk about for a long time is another key element in blogging.  This is because a blog requires regular update and new posts to make visitors want to come back to your blog. You will run out of ideas on new posts very quickly if you do not choose a topic that is right for you.                                                                                         
3.     Think about your readers: When someone starts searching for something on the internet, they either want to learn something new, be entertained, solve a problem, relieve some kind of fear etc. (You know where I am going right?....). If they come across your blog and cannot get satisfaction or a solution for their problem(s), I bet they won’t want to come back to your blog rather; they’ll look for a solution elsewhere.    
4.     Find a hole in the market: Before starting a blog, even if you don’t tell anyone, it is likely that you plan on making money from it. Though some bloggers do it for pleasure and other reasons, majority of bloggers expect income from their blogs either to supplement their current income or to use it as a primary source of their income. If there are many blogs out there that are in the same category as the blog you want to start, you can do a research on the existing blogs and find what they are missing so you can include it in yours. Some of these things include but not limited to. 
  •          Details explanation of topics
  •          Targeting a certain country
  •          Responding to posts and questions in time. Etc

5.  Do not limit yourself to a particular niche: when choosing a blogging category or niche, always remember that you should choose a niche that is a bit broad so you will not feel like you are burning out after a few posts. A wider niche choice can help keep you in relevant for a long time.
Always remember that the goal for any blog is to become the go-to resource for its topic or niche. With that in mind, choose a topic that you can be able to deliver quality posts anytime. 

Now that you have chosen  what you want to Blog about, read How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Instruction


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