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How to Decide What to Blog About

What do I Blog About? This is the very first question all intending bloggers should ask themselves before even deciding what their blogging or website address will be.  Choosing what to blog about can in most cases is a pain for most people but it can also be easy. This article will go a long way in making that choice easier.

How to Start a Blog. A Steb-by-Step Instruction

How easy is it to start a blog? This is a step-by-step instruction to learn how you can start a blog in a couple of minutes. Blogging is a platform that has put money into pockets of many people who choose to  monetize their blogs  (Make money from their Blogs) and has also provided pleasure for those who blog for it.


     Can I own a Blog or Website for Free?    Since blogging came to existence and the discovery that we can actually monetize our blogs easily , this has become a recurring question that many intending bloggers ask every day. The answer is YES and I will show you how in this post.

Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? Most people have heard of Internet marketing at one point or the other but don’t really understand what it is or how it works. In this article, I am going to explain what Internet marketing is all about and how it works.