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Corona Virus: Is This How We Die?

The corona Virus (a.k.a COVID-19) has taken the world like a storm. The virus has crippled economies and even shut down Countries.  Sporting activities, parties, and even religious gatherings have either been restricted heavily or completely shut down indefinitely because of the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce the rate at which it spreads and hopefully eliminate it one day. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona Virus a Global Pandemic, Many cities have ordered their inhabitants to stay home and work from home where possible to reduce their chances of contracting the virus.  Striking health workers in countries such as Nigeria have unconditionally called off their strike to curtail the virus and boot it out of their country before tackling the reasons for their strike later. There is currently no vaccine to prevent contracting Corona Virus but many countries and research institutions are working tirelessly to find one which will ease the minds of the
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Backlinks 101: A free Course

Backlinks have been in the center of blogging and general websites since the inception of the internet as they are essential for internet users to get what they are searching for online. Without backlinks, getting information online will be hard as search engines use them to get the best information possible to a searched term and display them to the searcher. Let me explain…… If you have a lot of Backlinks to your website about a particular search term, the chances of your page appearing on the first page of of google are a lot higher than others. In the past, backlinks were almost the only thing search engines considered when ranking a web page or site. This is not the case now but it is still a crucial ingredient in website and web page ranking that CANNOT be taken out. What is a backlink on a website? A backlink is the ‘juice’ a website leaves when it connects to another website (external backlink) or another page on the same website (internal backlink

Blogging: Expectations vs. Reality

Many people have gone into blogging with different expectations which at the end of the day may seldom be realized. This is because our expectations dot not always become reality. It is natural for every human being to have high expectation for his or herself but the reality of life is that ‘you don't always get what you want’. The same applies to blogging but also remember that nothing is impossible.

Places to share your blog posts- Easy and free

Blog posts sharing is a top way of getting rich traffic to your blog all day long long and the kicker is, it is entirely free. You can agree with me that writing a blog post is not enough, the disappointment comes when a well written post gets little or no views.

How to Enable (Google) Word Verification in Blogger

  A Little about Google Word Verification Google word verification or Captcha as it is popularly called is a security check you get when trying to comment on a website/blog, make payment online, download an item etc.  The most common use of this feature is to verify if a particular request such as the aforementioned is been made by a human or a robot since it is believed that robots cannot pass a Captcha test. This can be in form of simple addition or subtraction where a user is required to type in the answer, a set of pictures where you are supposed to identify and click on the ones that has the same feature such as store front, street lights, etc and much more. Now, let us discuss some of the common advantages and disadvantages of google word verification or Captcha. Advantages of (Google) Word Verification In blog commenting, it reduces (if not completely eliminate) the number of spam comments you get. When utilized, sensitive inf

After Publishing a Blog Post, What Next?

Have you ever written a magnificent post and not gotten many views on it and wondered what other bloggers are doing to get thousands of views almost immediately after publishing their blog posts which are not close to what you have?

How to backup a Blogger Blog

Backing up a Google Blog (BlogSpot). Before we look at the importance of backing up data, let us know what blogger is. What is blogger? Blogger is a free platform created by the most valuable company Google which allow you to write and upload articles called “blog post”. These posts can be kept private or be made public for everyone to view or read. Those blogs can range from news, how-to do things (such as cooking, swimming, etc), business, and much more. Importance of backing up blogger data Backing up data on your blog is very important.   Although it is highly unlikely for Google’s servers to crash and all your data gone, it is a good habit to backup every time you want to make a change on the theme, layout, etc or after you have made the change. You can even do this on your blog after you might have uploaded a new post. This is because you don’t want to mess up the appearance of your blog or mistakenly delete posts and other thing just to discover you can’t get

How to Make Money Advertising on YouTube

Make money advertising other products on YouTube As the biggest free video sharing platform in the world, YouTube is the best platform to share your videos and get your desired viewers. Although there are still numerous video streaming platforms out there such as vimeo, metacafe, hulu, screen junckies , and many more to mention but a few, to me, YouTube stands out.

YouTube marketing

 What is YouTube Marketing?    The internet has made the world a global village and business men/women have taken advantage of that. YouTube marketing is the process of advertising products and service using google’s free platform YouTube. YouTube itself is a video streaming platform put in place by internet giants google where   people make videos on their personal lives, instructables on how to make things, how to repairs things, etc and upload to YouTube free of any charge.                How to advertise on YouTube (for free) It is possible to advertise your products on YouTube without paying a dime to anybody including Google as they don’t care what the content of your videos is. The few things Google don’t like is copying someone’s work without giving credit to the original owner (copyright issues), uploading videos that add no value, etc. With that said, let us take a look at how you can advertise on YouTube for free. Steps on advertising on YouTube: